The Circle

I want to grow my business without going CRAZY.

I want to develop a high-performance business TEAM.

I want to create an Internet Strategy that will swiftly
move my company into the eBusiness arena

I want a dynamic speaker to address
my company or trade association event.

Imagine a business that is unique in the world. One which is the true manifestation of your vision of the ideal business. It operates like a finely tuned engine. In fact, it’s so efficient that you can take a vacation, spend extra time with your family, pursue a hobby, play a game of golf, or anything else that you’d like to do, anytime you choose. You never have to worry about…

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  • Lack of control in your business
  • Feeling trapped in your business
  • Having enough time
  • Finding good people
  • Finding quality customers
  • Developing capable managers

  • Your business consuming your life
  • Not enough profits
  • Not enough personal income
  • Expansion funds
  • Inventory control
  • Inconsistent operational performance

In fact, you never have to worry about your business at all; unless you want to. Your business provides you with all of the freedom, joy, life, and money that you deserve.


At Strategic Affairs, we believe not only that it is possible, but that it is absolutely necessary. At Strategic Affairs we believe once you recognize that the purpose of your life is not to serve your business. But that the primary purpose of your business is to serve your life, you can then go to work on your business rather than in it, with a full understanding of why it is absolutely necessary for you to do so. If your life is to be fulfilled, then your business must serve you, not the other way around.

If you are like most business owners, you believe that if only you could fit more hours into your day, you could get on top of things and grow the business. The real problem, however, is not that you don’t do enough work, it’s that you do the wrong work. You have become an employee of your business, rather than its visionary leader.

The solution, then, is to reinvent your business, to expand it from a people dependent business into a systems dependent business. An efficient network of interwoven systems, working both independently and cooperatively towards a common goal. Your goal, for your business.


The Full Circle Success Program is a high-impact, step-by-step, business evolution program, carefully designed to guide you towards growing your business so that you can get more life. Your personal business strategist and coach will lead you through the 18 month Full Circle Success Program by:
  • Assisting you in the development of an organized, productive, profitable and entrepreneurial business.
  • Facilitating two one hour Business Evolution meetings by telephone each month to provide business strategy and coaching to produce specific results in accordance with your goals.
  • Chairing Quarterly Board of Director Meetings to verify your progress towards your Strategic and Personal Objectives.
  • Conducting quarterly and monthly financial review to ensure optimal financial performance.
  • Providing access to a business strategist when those critical operational questions need to be asked.
  • Delivering business process on an ongoing basis as you progress through the Full Circle Success Program.
Allowing you the opportunity to master the skills of business evolution yourself.

You no longer have to be alone or feel like it is just you against the world.
With your Business Strategist and Coach comes your own board of directors, facilitator, mentor, teacher and friend. Your personal Business Strategist and Coach will be someone you can count on to tell you the truth, and to help you overcome the hurdles you face everyday.

Contact us TODAY if you are a principal or owner of a business with annual sales of 1.5 million to 20 million and you want to discover more about how a Strategic Affairs Business Strategist and Coach can help with your company’s growth.

A Blueprint to Business Evolution Success

  • Leadership:
    The Heart and Soul… Creating a vision and a purpose.
  • Marketing:
    Strategy… Communicating your promise. Who buys? Why do they buy?
  • Money:
    The Life Blood… Financial reports that makes sense.
  • Management:
    The Framework… How to get work done without your direct involvement.
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    Delivering on your promise…consistently, predictable.
  • Sales:
    Converting leads into customers… into sales.
  • Advertising:
    Finding potential customers… Generating qualified leads.

The "Right Stuff"

In a high-performance environment, everyone needs to know more than enough. More than the basics of their accountabilities, more than the systems they are operating, and more than the general purpose and direction of the company. In a high-performance environment, everyone is primed to take the "right action" because they know everything. They know what the big picture looks like, they know how their jobs fit into it and support the organization's goals, they know how to look for indications that "right action" might be necessary, and they know how to take it and make it work.

Where do you find employees like that? You already have them. They’re in your company right now. All you have to do is train them and give them the tools they need to get the results you want.

Strategic Affairs Full Circle Success Workshops are an all embracing series of interactive training designed to engage you and your team in the process of self-discovery in becoming a high-performance team. Also, the workshops provide you with a blueprint of a high-performance environment where people expand their capacity to create the results they truly desire, where new and expansive patterns of thinking are nurtured, where collective aspiration is set free, and where people are continually learning how to learn together.

Your personal Business Strategist and Coach will facilitate the workshop at your facility or anywhere you choose in the world.

Contact us TODAY if you are a principal or owner of a business with annual sales of 1.5 million to 20 million and you want to discover more about how a Strategic Affairs Business Strategist and Coach can help with your company’s growth.

A Blueprint to Team Evolution Success

Core Purpose and Core Values Identification Workshop:
greatest investment a company can make is to clearly define its core purpose and core values.

Visioning Workshop:
Visioning allows your team to clarify their
desired future for the company 2,5,10,20 years down the road.

Active Communication Workshop:
Active listening is one of the most important components to
good communication, yet it is rarely taught or practiced.

Conflict Resolution Workshop:
Your team will learn and practice techniques to
"depersonalize" the conflict and transfer the focus to the issue and not the person.

Problem Solving Workshop:
Working through problems can often be very anxiety producing; however, by learning a
repertoire of techniques, problems can be comfortably approached and resolved.

A Management System Workshop:
This Workshop is a tool kit for success in life and business. Why does it work? One word…

Today’s competitive landscape sizzles with innovation and change. So only the most durable business models are likely to survive. In this brutal environment, your Internet Strategy must be robust enough to stand out, yet flexible enough to evolve as conditions demand.

Strategic Affairs can help to keep your entire organization attuned to this shifting reality. So no matter how hot the competition gets, your Internet Strategy will still look pretty cool.

Contact us TODAY if you are a principal or owner of a business with annual sales of 1.5 million to 20 million and you want to discover more about how a Strategic Affairs Business Strategist and Coach can help with your company’s growth.


Small Business Advocate, Speaker, and International Business Strategist

As founder and president of Strategic Affairs, an international consulting and training firm specializing in the science of small business and team evolution, David Winford presents proven methods for enhancing performance and productivity of small businesses, their leaders and their people. David has served as a speaker and consultant to corporations, organizations, professional association, franchises and independent business owners throughout North America, the Pacific Rim and Europe. David Winford and Strategic Affairs’ sole purpose is to help business owners and their people expand the way they think about their life and business and embrace their ideas so they can create a lifestyle by choice.

David G. Winford can help your organization:

  • Improve performance
  • Capitalize on change
  • Increase profit
  • Move out of the "box"
  • Get the results you want

Contact us TODAY if you would like David G. Winford to speak at your next company or trade association event.

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