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Dear David,

Deborah and I felt compelled to write and express our thanks to the academy and especially to you for all the help and guidance that you have provided over the last 2 years.

Our decision to engage your services was based on the belief that there was a better way to achieve what we were aiming for and that belief has been ratified. As our Real Estate Agency grew and took on more people we found that we were constantly going back to ensure the high level of service that we had worked so hard for in establishing our business, was maintained through our employees. Your efforts and the course work made us realise that it could work and it does work.

The ability to cut through the "its different in our industry" and ask the right questions at the right time was, immensely valuable and the benefit is hard to quantify in dollar terms. It certainly has given us new clarity and direction with the right tools to do our work. And we now have a vision of where we are heading.

What we were hoping for was a total package that could be applied to our business and we believe that is what we got. You gave us the skeleton and we provided the meat, a great partnership!

We have no reservations in recommending either David Winford or the E, -Myth Academy and we welcome any inquiries as to the results achieved or value for money.

David, thank you again for all your effort and patience in working with us over the past years. We look forward to meeting with you soon when we are next in the USA.

Yours sincerely,
Deborah Kerr Real Estate
Sydney, Australia

Ray Crowe JP, B.Comm(UNSW),CPA

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