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Mr. Michael Gerber
President, E-Myth Academy
Santa Rosa, CA

Let others more articulate than I praise the principles and positive results of your dynamic academy, Michael ...

…but for a moment, allow me to show you the impact of systemic control.

My company, O'Neill Enterprises, Inc., is contracted with EMSI, a national corporation licensed to perform physical exams for life and health insurance companies. Last week the CFO asked me to meet him at the failing office of one of the branches located in the adjacent state. His invitation included his request that we take over this poorly managed location.

Upon arrival, after introductions and a tour of the office, we sat with the supervisor and employees to discuss the poor reputation the national company has in the area. Then, I reviewed our Company History as well as our Strategic Objectives. In that frame of reference, I reviewed the position agreements we use in our office and said they would be functioning under the same systems. Interwoven throughout the meeting was the continuing reminder of our Unique Selling Position--"Professionals Providing Peaceful Physicals". At that point, the CFO reinforced our "takeover" by saying of the some 200 branches, we are one of the leading offices in revenue and superior service, and it is because of our purpose, our principles, and our systems.

Thanks to your materials and our academy coach, David Winford, as well as our proven systems, my partner and daughter, Tara, and I are comfortable in accepting this daunting challenge. We will replicate our systems there, and continue to make our dreams a reality here.

Continued Good Fortune!

Joe O'Neill

Director of Operations

cc David Winford

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