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Are you the leader \ entrepreneur
or merely the most senior employee?

If youíre doing the technical work of your business, working in it instead of on it- youíre not leading it and youíre not building it. During the time youíre baking the pies, working the cash register, selling the stereos, driving the truck, serving the food, or collecting the bills, you are nothing more than an employee. You may be your own boss, but youíre still an employee.

Understand there's nothing wrong with working in your business as long as that's your choice and you're content with it.

But you're not content, are you?

You want a better life, and you're willing to make a serious commitment to get it.

You'll be glad you did.

A new view on Business Leadership

First and foremost, you must become a leader. Business Leadership has different meanings for different people, but at Strategic Affairs, we are very specific about it. Business Leadership has three components:

Your dream for the future of the business and the path you will take to make it a reality. You need a crystal clear vision that you communicate clearly, with energy and a strong sense of commitment. Everyone in you business must understand it and believe in it. It must become their vision as well as yours.
What you do and the way you do it. The example you set as a role model sets the tone for everyone.
The way you do things and the energy you put into whatever you do. Itís your positive outlook. Itís the respect and concern with which you treat people. Itís your obvious belief in your business and its future. Itís your sense of fun. ItísÖwell, itís you spirit.

The Spirit of Leadership

Vision, action, and spirit are the essence of Leadership, but they must be your vision, your action, and your spirit. You wonít be mimicking a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to leadership that forces you to be someone youíre not. Youíll be learning Leadership principles and adapting them, making them work your way, with your one-of-a-kind style, your unique values, and your individual strengths.

Come back often, as we will update this site with more mind numbingly simple technology that yeilds practical output.

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