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What distinguishes your company from the competition?

Marketing plans and market research start with the customer.

No, thatís not quite right. Everything starts with the customer. Everything about your business has to be focused on providing products, services, and communications that draw customers to you, satisfy them, and bring them back to you again and again. Itís no exaggeration-your business lives and dies on its ability to attract and satisfy customers.

The foundation of your marketing strategy is an insightful understanding of your customers. Itís a "three legged stool", who they are, where they are, and how they think and behave; or, more formally demographics, trading area, and psychographics.

Information, Insight, and Market Reserach.

There is logic to successful market research and marketing plans. They begin with information about your markets and your customers. But research isnít enough. What youíre really after is understanding and insight, understanding about the way your customers and prospective markets think, act, and make decisions, as well as insight into what really motivates them and how best to communicate with them. Only then are you equipped to create an effective marketing plan, and it is marketing plan that enables you to develop successful Customer Satisfaction, Sales, and Advertising processes.

Creating a marketing plan is about setting direction, itís the analytical side of Business Evolution. Customer Satisfaction, Sales, and Advertising are implementation, the action side. Market research comes first. And thatís what Marketing is all about.

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