What does Making Money and Cash Flow mean to you?

Like it or not, making money is a subject that seems to be ever present in the mind of the business owner. We talk about it. We think about it. We worry about it. We plan for what weíll do when we have plenty of it, and we reveal our fears, frustrations, and resourcefulness when we donít have enough of it. Why is it then, that with all this energy around making money, so few of us ever seem to have it really handled? What is it about making money that is so elusive, so complicated, so difficult to control?

Making money doesnít have to be elusive, complicated, or difficult to control. All you need is a commitment to two simple things:

  1. Understanding the relationship between making money and your business activities.
  2. Creating and implementing, on a regular, on-going basis, a few straightforward cash flow management tools and strategies.

Your business is more than a Money Making Machine

Some people view business in purely financial terms: business is nothing more than a way to create cash flow. Everything else is superfluous. This approach can work, but itís a very limiting way of doing business. It squeezes the joy out of being a business owner.

Some people are intimidated by the financial side of business, and therefore avoid financial management. "As long as the bills get paid. I donít worry about finances," is their casual disclaimer. This approach may work temporarily, but is also limiting because it ignores the great money making potential that lies within the business.

Each view by itself is shortsighted. Both approaches leave something of value out of the business equation. And both diminish the chances of achieving your Strategic Objective.

Business is about making your life better, not merely paying the bills. The financial view of your business, as long as its not you only view, is an essential element of you management arsenal. The pursuit of money, when balanced with the other aspects of your life on the way to achieving you life purpose is appropriate and should be one of your most important business objectives. In other words, always keep in mind that a successful business is one that fuels the path toward you life purpose. And the financial strength of you business is a key component to its success.

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